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Is a Garden Basket Right For You?

Making an investment into a Garden Basket, produce that is organic and local might feel like a risky step. After all, of all the produce we say we will grow, how much of it will actually grow and be creepy-crawly free? What if you are given a basket full of brussels sprouts and okra? What then? And Kohlrabi? What is that and how do I cook it? Or perhaps you are worried about the pick up times, the organic quality, the potential overabundance of one kind of vegetable.

All valid worries. All good reasons to not purchase a subscription.

But what if the Garden Basket delivers what it promises: a variety of fruits and vegetables each week (or every other week) with recipes available on the website, and a package of microgreens each week. The availability (and weekly surprise) of fresh, organic produce entices families to try new dishes, expand their culinary talents, and sample new foods. Worried about the pick up times? Select delivery. For a little bit more for the season, we will deliver the basket to you. (Fees for delivery will be based on distance. Families who want go in together to have one location for delivery can share the delivery fee.)

Our produce is all organically grown. We do not have an organic certification, but our methods are tried and true and we are faithful to them. If you would like to visit our farm to see the land, walk through the rows in the garden and meet our animals, we would be happy to have you out for a tour. While we are organic farmers, we do not charge exuberant organic fees. We love healthy food as much as you do and want to keep it affordable for many.

Local produce has a different flavor than what has been shipped into the country, across the country, or even across the state. Local produce from many local gardeners is simply better: the herbs are brighter, the flowers fresher, the produce will last longer because it’s freshly harvested the day or two before you bring it home. And wait until you crack open one of our eggs! The orange yolk is stunning and round, not pale and flat like the grocery store eggs that are close to a month old when you bring them home, from chickens who have never seen a blue sky or a piece of grass.

Adding more produce to your meal plan makes all the difference in health. Salad greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, edible flowers, peppers, peas, green beans, watermelon, sweet corn…the list goes on! All are available in the grocery store with a lower nutritional value because they have been long harvested and stored in cold rooms. Local farmers harvest and sell, often within 24-48 hours. The nutritional value is higher and you can taste the difference.

Your local farmer will also have a hundred different ways to prepare zucchini, eggplant, and green beans. If you are feeling especially daring, I can give you a recipe for zucchini flowers. It’s a deep-fried recipe, so the health value is a little lost, but set one of those beauties on the dinner plates next to the Zucchini Flatbread for a fun dinner addition!

What if the produce doesn’t grow? What if the season doesn’t produce? That is a risk for every farmer and gardener. A Basket Subscription ensures greater success because of the variety. We take extra precautions to protect our garden using insect netting, shade cloth, and row covers to start earlier in the season in the spring and to extend the season into the fall.

We also offer our Basket Subscribers discounts on our Happy Eggs (our chickens have no enclosures and are free to roam anywhere), and our meat chickens (which are in enclosures called ‘chicken tractors’ which are mobile homes without a floor so the chickens are truly outside, but not at risk of becoming prey to hawks, owls, or coyotes.)

Eggs regularly $4, subscribers pay $3.00

Meat Chickens $3/lb, subscribers pay $2.75/lb.

So, there are the details, the risks and the benefits. Decide for yourself if the benefits outweigh the risks. And reach out if you have any questions. We are happy to answer!

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